Kona Sunset Cocktail

POG. Passion fruit. Orange. Guava.
Kona Sunset cocktail | whiskandmuddler.com
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Anyone who’s been to the Hawaiian Islands has experienced its breathtaking sunsets and probably its delicious (and addictive) signature juice concoction of three tropical fruits known as POG. As you all know, I *love, love, love* passion fruit (or liliko’i in Hawaiian ). So anything with liliko’i in it, I’m drinking it. Our family is finishing up a week-long stay here in Kona on the Big Island to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I know, an amazing accomplishment, right? So what better time to get my aloha-spirit on than with this POG & Tequila-based cocktail to mark such a momentous occasion. The soft peachy-pink colors of this drink were inspired of course, by the surreal sunsets we witnessed each night.
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At our resort, there was a liliko’i vine growing near the room. Heaven! I’ve eaten so many of these crinkly yellow fruits this week and yet, I’m no where near overload. I want more! Don’t think my family quite realized how obsessed I am with passion fruit till now. They think I’m coco-nuts actually. Probably am….but I’ll happily wear that badge as long as I can keep tucking into these juicy little fruits.
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One of the three ingredients in this Kona Sunset Cocktail is my other special find —a tasty, all natural Liliko’i soda from Waialua Soda Works on the North Shore of Oahu. This bubbly sweet-n-tart soda is the perfect mate to the POG juice and silver Tequila.
Liliko'i Soda POG, Liliko'i Soda, Silver Tequila
POG | whiskandmuddler.com

kona sunset cocktail | whiskandmuddler.com

Kona Sunset Cocktail
yields one serving | Kona Sunset Cocktail PDF

3 ounces POG *
6 ounces Liliko’i Soda**
1.5 ounces of silver Tequila
guava fruit for garnish

Pour all ingredients into a tumbler glass over ice. Garnish with guava fruit or orange slice.

Mom & Dad at Black Sands Beach | whiskandmuddler.com
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Sadly, we’re finishing up our fabulous stay in Kona today and must return to the real world tomorrow.  I’ll be sharing more of my island adventures in paradise in future posts. But for now, a heartfelt “mahalo” to this beautiful place for an amazing week of sunshine, surf and all its wonderful tropical bounty. Aloha!

* if you can’t find POG, use a combination of guava nectar and orange juice.
** I don’t think this soda is available on the mainland , so a good substitute would be the Passion Fruit LaCroix Sparkling Water (Target).
– awesome sunset picture#1 courtesy #picturebygrace (my niece)  :>)

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