Did You Miss Me Seattle?

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flowers at pike place market- seattle | whiskandmuddler.com

My pencil is sharpened and a brand new notebook packed. #IFBC 2015, here I come!. As some of you may recall, I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference last year for the first time— and had an absolutely amazing experience. I met so many creative and talented people and learned an incredible amount in just three short days. Read more

IFBC- almost there!

It’s official. I’m excited. No, I mean REALLY excited for the 2014 International Food Bloggers Conference next week in gorgeous Seattle, WA. The agenda and list of speakers is growing day by day, and with it, my eagerness to experience the camaraderie and mutual simpatico of all things food & wine that only a foodie gathering on this scale could elicit. Not having attended this before, my expectations are of a jam-packed weekend full of information and best practices from industry leaders, professional (and hobbyist) writers and techies in this niche, but quickly exploding market. Each guest speaker imparting their nugget of knowledge in an atmosphere of fun and mutual desire to promote the world of food, writing and technology.

During the conference (in between delicious gourmet bites and amazing wines), I’ll be taking copious notes and will post a few up-to-the minute happenings on my FB page as well as tweet when I can (@whiskandmuddler about #IFBC) .  Just think of me as your fearless reporter embedded amongst the troops of the crazy culinary world. My sole objective: to report back the most worthiest news on all things eating & drinking. Could be a hazardous assignment, but I’m willing to get-in-there and do my part. There’s going to be a lot of cheese you know,  so the toothpick injury potential is real, make no mistake about it. Wish me luck.

But all joking aside, the organizers of this conference (with whom I’ve had the pleasure of several conversations already),  are excellently organized and poised to offer us a wonderful weekend of focused attention on subjects of which we all share a common passion. Follow all the action at @IFBC and join the conversation #IFBC.

untitledHere are just a few of the break-out sessions I will definitely be attending:

Modern Editorial Photography (and Video): Scrappy Light, Hidden Props and Magic with Todd Coleman, Tasting Table’s Creative Director and Co-Founder of Delicious Contents
Todd Coleman will share his expertise one how to achieve/manipulate/create various looks through composition, selection of tones as to exposure, propping with everyday items that we’re all surrounded by (but fail to see), lighting with inexpensive equipment from aluminum foil, speed lights, flashlights, and more!

So, How Did it Taste?
How many adjectives do you string together when describing food? Come learn something new with author Dianne Jacob: using metaphor, simile, contrast, humor and other literary techniques to wake up your food writing. A writing exercise lets you try out these new techniques.

Discover The World Of Wine with Bordeaux Wines
The world of wine may seem overwhelming to some but in a few sips we’ll have you speaking like a connoisseur. In our session, we’ll walk through the fundamentals of wine tasting and writing starting with one of the oldest wine regions in the world, Bordeaux. Whether you’re a wine newbie or seasoned expert, come participate in our blind tasting challenge and more!


And as if there’s not enough going on already— I’ve also scheduled time to visit my favorite stalls at Pike Place Market, dine at one of Tom Douglas’ extraordinary eateries, visit with dear old friends SP & DP plus new friends KW at TF & the gang at AW. In a nut shell, take in all the greatness the Emerald City has to offer. Watch out Seattle, here I come!