Date and Rhubarb Crumble Slice

On my recent trip to the desert, I neglected to come home with one very important thing: Dates! As in the wrinkly little fruits which are power-packed with heaps of vitamins, nutrients and fiber and are super low on the GI scale, making them an ideal sweet-treat that’s naturally healthy for you.  Continue reading

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF)

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF) |

Pour the milk! While everyone is trying to out do each other with the latest and craziest chocolate sensations for Valentine’s Day, why not keep it simple for your sweetheart (and sweet-tooth!) by baking up a batch of the most adored cookie of all time: the infamous chocolate chip.  Continue reading

Did You Miss Me Seattle?

pike place market seattle |
flowers at pike place market- seattle |

My pencil is sharpened and a brand new notebook packed. #IFBC 2015, here I come!. As some of you may recall, I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference last year for the first time— and had an absolutely amazing experience. I met so many creative and talented people and learned an incredible amount in just three short days. Continue reading