Along with ringing in the start of a New Year, where we shift away from the indulgences of the holidays and once again embrace healthier eating, January also brings a whole host of bright, juicy citrus fruit which are overflowing at farmers’ markets stands and produce bins. Many of you already know how much I adore lemons, Meyer Lemons to be exact, but what you may not know is that oranges come in a very close second. Since they’re available year-round, it’s sometimes forgotten that these bitter-sweet orbs are at their pinnacle of flavor for the next month or so. There are a few special varieties definitely worth searching for that are drip-down-your-hands delicious and only available right now. Once you start to explore these other varieties, you’ll be hooked. Read more

Citrus Salt

DSC_0439-1Here in Northern California all the citrus fruits are just starting to come into season. So when I found a couple of Meyer Lemons that had fallen off a small tree in my backyard, I couldn’t let them go to waste. This is an incredibly easy salt to make. All you need is a really good quality sea salt (not table salt) and some citrus of your choice. For the salt, I like to use a course grind rather than a fine. That way there’s a better proportion of citrus to salt ratio, and the blend won’t taste too “salty”. For the citrus, I used a combo of Meyer Lemon, Eureka Lemon (your generic grocery store variety) and Lime. But you could add Orange, Mandarin or Grapefruit—whatever your taste buds fancy! This Citrus Salt is a wonderful finish for seafood or roast chicken, or add to an Asian stir fry to brighten the flavors. My favorite way to use this salt is simply on a bowl of Edamame.  Delish!

Citrus Salt
(for one small spice jar portion)

Zest one lime and lemon (you should get approx. 3-4 tablespoons of zest from each, depending on their size). Allow zest to dry on a sheet of wax paper for about 1-2 hours. This will ensure that it won’t clump all together when added to the salt. Add coarse sea salt to half of spice jar (about 1/4 cup) and top with zest. Shake well and sprinkle away!

Oh, and this nifty citrus gadget you see below from Crisp is one of my new favorite tools. I received it as a giftie at IFBC 2014  (International Food Bloggers Conference) and absolutely love it! It’s super compact and the grater portion is on a hinge to neatly tuck away into the handle when not in use. On the bottom half, there’s a scoring blade and channel knife if you want to score the fruit or make longer curls.