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Happy Holidays Everyone!
It’s been a bit of a hiatus for me, but I’m back in the saddle (a.k.a. desk chair!) and ready to keep the season’s festivities rolling along with some stellar finds for entertaining in style when it comes my favorite part of a party- the drinks!  Continue reading

Superfruit Spritzer

Who says red wine is the only drink good for your health?
superfruit spritzer |
This deep ruby little beauty has all the antioxidants a healthy and refreshing summer cocktail needs. Gin-based, my Superfruit Spritzer gets its gorgeous color from a berry-bonanza of dark fruits with fresh muddled blueberries (loaded with good stuff for you) and this Acai Black Currant SuperFruit Syrup™  from Sonoma Syrup Co. It’s an all-natural fruit syrup that’s handcrafted in Sonoma in small batches and made with pure cane sugar and superfruits. A double dose of good-for-you ingredients packed into a decadent and deeeelicious sip that’s perfect for those lazy afternoons when doing nothing is everything.
superfruit spritzer |
blueberries | superfruit spritzer |
acai & black currant superfruit syrup | sonoma syrup co. |
acai & black currant superfruit syrup | sonoma syrup co. |

Açaí (pronounced ‘ah-sigh-ee’), a purplish grape-like berry from a palm tree, originated deep in the Brazilian Amazon and is chocked full of powerful nutrients making it one of the world’s best energy sources for the body. And its syrup buddy, the black currant, is rich in Vitamin C, amino acids, and heaps of other beneficial antioxidants. Granted, currants don’t often get the glory from the health world its partner here does, so why not give it some love – cocktail style- by incorporating its sweet & tart flavor along side the subtle floral notes of a great Gin. I like to think drinking this berry patch in a glass is you and I doing something good for our health–which means we can have two right? Oh, and btw, this syrup is also pretty darn yummy on pancakes too….just sayin’. Cheers!

Superfruit Spritzer
yield one drink | Superfruit Spritzer PDF

1/4 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen (approx. 16-18 berries, depending on size)
1 jigger Sonoma Syrup Co. Acai Black Currant SuperFruit Syrup™
2 jiggers Gin (I used Damrak for its light, clean flavor)
1/2 jigger Cinzano Rosso
Seltzer or club soda for topping
Blueberries & mint for garnish

Add 1/4 cup blueberries to a shaker. Muddle gently until they release their juice. Add in a couple of ice cubes along with Syrup, Gin, and Cinzano Rosso. Shake well. Strain into tumbler glass over ice. Top with seltzer water or club soda. Garnish with blueberries and mint leaf.

* I’ve been using Sonoma Syrup Co. products for years, so I already love their line. They recently gifted me a few of their syrups and extracts, but all opinions, text, photography are my own.