Welcome! Through words and pictures we’ll discover new food and drinks, far away places and interior style inspired by a life well-traveled.

Along with being a freelance writer and photographer, I’m also a self-confessed Cooking Channel junkie so good food and drink are a must. Gin and Rye are my spirits of choice and you’ll find several bottles of each in my bar–and I mean the good stuff! Passionfruit…anything and everything passionfruit. Travel; I live for it. My bucket list is now a well list. I spent a year working/living Australia, so Oz will always hold a special place in my heart. Palm Springs is my go-to getaway when I need calm, open spaces and to soak in the architectural beauty of a by-gone era. Tackling a small (or large) DIY project is a welcome challenge. I find a huge sense of reward in adding beauty or function to my surroundings. Mid-Century Modern design is where it’s at for me and I’m always on the hunt for vintage barware.


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  1. Hi.l I am visiting your blog for the first time. This looks like a fun one to follow!! I shall definitely be visiting you often. Good luck! Dianne


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