Anything Passion Fruit

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Yes, I mean ANYTHING passion fruit will get my attention. Fresh, tinned in syrup, pureed, infused….you name it, I’m eating or drinking it! Whether you call it Maracuya ( Ecuador & Brazil), Parcha (Venezuela), Lilikoi (Hawaii), or Parchita (Puerto Rico), this tropical blooming fruit is adored across the globe. My favorite ways to enjoy this crinkly tart-sweet fruit are:

passionfruit_store1_md good land organics Fresh from the vine. Scoop out the delicate black pearls & flesh and dollop over Greek yogurt. Or if you’re like me and have a hard time finding fresh ones locally, try Good Land Organics in Santa Barbara, CA. They’ll ship you a flat of the most gorgeous fruits. I ordered from them this time last year,  and was so pleased with the quality of flavor and quantity in the box. There were so many, I was on PF over-load (if there is such a thing?).  If you can’t wait for them to be delivered, treat yourself to Noosa Passion Fruit Yogurt. All the work’s done for you. The fruit pulp is on the bottom and sitting atop is the most luxurious, creamy and tangy Greek-style yogurt.

passion_fruit_large perfect puree nvAdd the frozen puree concentrate from The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley to muffins, friands (see previous Lime, Riesling Passion Fruit post), cookies, cakes…really any baked good will work, and the puree will give the final product a sweet & tart flavor. I also use the pulp in my ice cream base–then mix in a bit more just before portioning the ice cream into pints and freezing. Yum!

217201782.lacroix.passion.frontA new find (courtesy Jessica at How Sweet It Is) is the La Croix Passion Fruit Sparkling Water. She mentioned this in her “crumbs” post (thank you!) and I literally bought some at my local Target store within the hour. Hey, I warned you that I’m a fanatic about this purple jewel.  But more importantly, how did I not know this wonderful beverage existed? The La Croix line is exclusive to Target and is sugar-free, sodium-free, calorie-free and all-natural. The flavor is subtle and it makes a nice mixer for any tropical or fruit-infused cocktails you may be whipping up. Trust me, you’ll like it.

ceres passion fruit juiceI discovered this delicious and 100% natural juice by Ceres one day whilst browsing at Cost Plus World Market. It was tucked away at the back of the store and it being passion fruit, well, you know,  had to go in my basket.  It’s light, not too sweet and makes a great addition to a green smoothie with coconut water in the mornings. I also use the Ceres a lot for cocktails. Put equal parts Ceres Passion Fruit Juice & St. Germain in a shaker over ice with some lime juice and vodka—viola!—a refreshing cocktail is served. If I have some tinned passion fruit pulp in the pantry, I break into that and add a 1/2 teaspoon to the drink as garnish.

rare bird preserves pf curdThis little jar of greatness is worth its weight in gold. Passion fruit curd is extremely hard to find, even in Australia. So when I came across this at my new favorite site Food 52, I was very excited to say the least. The texture is thick, creamy and rich, as a proper curd ought to be. It has the distinct tang of passion fruit but is balanced nicely with an expert touch of sugar.  What I like about Illinois-based Rare Bird Preserve’s brand is it’s sans-seeds. The golden color is consistent throughout…making for a nicer presentation when using it for finishing a dessert. Check out Rare Bird’s other unusual flavors of artisan batch products like Blackberry Lime Curd or Meyer Lemon Rosemary Preserve.

So that’s the short list. I could go on and on about all things passion fruit, but I must refrain.  Guess the uniquely delectable flavor of this unusual looking fruit is aptly named, for it sure has created a passion for it in me!

[all photos in post courtesy purveyors]

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