Baking Art Inspiration

baking pan necklace
[Cupcake Lover charm necklace from Saritas Jewelry Box]

It’s refreshing to see how one passion for the arts can fuel the inspiration of another. In this case, the culinary arts for the handcraft arts. Normally in my posts I highlight food, drinks or recipes, but today I thought I’d showcase the talents of some incredible designers. The subject is still food, just not the kind you can eat ;>) is a haven for this esoteric category of wearable art and is a great place to lazily browse for one-of-a-kind pieces made by individual artists.  Trending high: jewelry featuring anything to do with baking, cupcakes, stand mixers and alike.  I purchased the Cupcake Lover necklace above a few months ago and whenever I wear it,  I invariably receive a smile and a positive comment about it. The below charms from Debs Treasures  allow the serious bakers to show off their love of sugar and spice and everything nice. And the wine charms from Bohemian Findings would make a nice little gift for any wine diva on your list.

baking charms 2- debs treasures [Debs Treasures]

wine charms bohemian findings
[ Bohemian Findings]

The kitchen art prints below are clever, classic (reasonably priced too) and would be right at home on any chef’s kitchen wall.  The photos are courtesy Jennifer Chase at Etsy shop jpurifoy.
kitchen prints 2

kitchen prints 1 kitchen prints 3

Continuing with the wearable theme, here are a couple fun shirts from Betta Bakery and TshirtShark

baking t-shirtask what not t shirt
[Betta Bakery]                                                                                [TshirtShark]

stand mixer side view with decal And just so your stand mixer doesn’t feel left out, yes, there is now bling for it too. No joke! With all the bright and retro colors of mixers themselves being in such fashion at the moment, why not dial it up to “high speed” and add decals. They come in a ton of patterns,  including the quotes of the moment (you know the “Keep Calm….” phenomenon). The Baking Words pattern above is available at Home Appliance Manufacturer, the cute Daisy pattern below is courtesy Good Mommy Ltd and why not go crazy with this  70’s throwback to Wonder Women (well, aren’t we all ladies?) from Kitchen Aid Brasil’s Coleção Series. For a touch of the Ooh-La-La, adorn it with this vintage French Icon Collection also from Good Mommy Ltd, très chic!

mixer decal daisys mixer decal wonder women  mixer decal france

(all photos in post courtesy the artists)

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