Of Chickens and Eggs (or Eggs and Chickens?)


When I was at the Certified Farmer’s Market in Santa Rosa the other day, I couldn’t help but to splurge on the most beautiful looking (and tasting!) eggs. I was browsing through the fresh stalls and spied them over at Hector’s Honey tent. For those of you locals who read this blog,  you probably know his name. And most would know him, well, for his honey (which is really good by the way). But in this instance, his selection of eggs was the star of the show.  Each of the dozen orbs varied in shape, size and wonderful pastel colors from soft green, to baby blue to the lightest yellow it was almost white, and sat so neatly snuggled into their slot in the carton. So home they came as I couldn’t pass up a chance to practice my photography on these perfect little models.


And just as I was walking out of the market, laden with said eggs, baby golden beets, spring onions, gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and my favorite Dry Creek Peaches, I stopped over at the artisan/craft section as I wanted to get a closer look at the “chicken coop guy” I had seen there the week before. Figured since I was on an egg theme that day it was only appropriate to investigate.

california coops-1 [Coop with living roof making it extra eco-friendly!]

 California Coops is a local chicken coop builder in the area and uses as much recycled materials as possible to create the fanciest coops ANY chicken would be proud to call home. Craftsman Mack Blankenship’s coops are not huge– they vary in size from 3′ x 3′ to the larger ones at 3′ x 6′ —so they’re perfect for any country farm or backyard city garden. The designs are simple and not over-complicated,  and reflect the rustic-chic style that embodies Sonoma County. His decorator touches even extend to coordinating the hardware and paint colors. I tried to photograph a few of his display coops several times, but so many people were walking or stopping by, that I just couldn’t get a decent shot. So these pics are courtesy California Coop.

california coops- inside california coops- green coop

If you are ever at our fantastic market one Saturday morning, be sure to check out both Hector’s eggs and Mack’s coops. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which to do first- the chicken coop or the egg!


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