Ligurian Honey

KI honey on the comb 2 An Aussie friend of mine living in here in the states is heading back to Oz later in the year. She asked me the other day if I had visited Kangaroo Island in South Australia, as it’s on her list of places to see. Being a Melburnian, she’s never been to KI before and was looking for the must-do’s.  Have to admit, I was quite honored for an Australian to ask me (an American) about my experiences on KI as I’m not an expert by any means. So I dutifully mentioned all the natural sites like the Admiral’s Arch, Remarkable Rocks, Penguin Centre, etc…..all of which are  quite beautiful….but what I REALLY wanted to share with her was the honey!

My best memory of KI is the amazing honey that I found at Island Beehive Organic Honey in the small hamlet of Kingscote, SA. They produce raw organic Ligurian honey that is the best you will ever taste.

island beehive honey closeup

What makes this golden nectar so special you ask? Well, the Ligurian honey is made from, you guessed it, Ligurian Bees. These are now an extinct breed in Italy (originally from Liguria) and are now cultivated over 9,000 miles away on Kangaroo Island.  Read about Kangaroo Island’s protection of the bees and the complete history of Ligurian Bees.

 ligurian bees    KI honey on the comb
(all photos courtesy Island Beehive)

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Kangaroo Island, do stop in to their honey factory. They offer public guided tours, have a cafe to relax and sample the honey with delicious baked goods, and a charming shop where you can purchase all-things-honey. Think I’ll go make a butter and honey sandwich now.

My pictures of Kangaroo Island

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