Spring rolls  Can you drink a spring roll?

Infused spirits are trendy right now and the possibility of flavor combinations are endless.  Typical pairings are Bourbon with vanilla beans and flavored Vodkas (natural and artificial). So I took inspiration from Vodka’s unadulterated, clean flavor-profiles and created a set of infused spirits inspired by my favorite global cuisines.

After I was completely enthralled with my concoctions using Vodka and the spice cupboard, I decided to take it even a step further by branching out to infused simple syrups. The syrups were created to compliment and intensify the Vodka infusions. When using both together, they’ll really kick your cocktail up a notch or two!

Infused Vodkas:
Thai Vodka Infusion
Massaman Vodka Infusion

Infused Simple Syrups:
Thai Simple Syrup

Cocktails using Infusions:
Cocktail Phi Phi


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